On July 12, 2017, the Environmental Management Bureau of the National Capital Region conducted the Air Quality Management Stakeholders Meeting at the Laguna Lake Development Authority Conference Room. The meeting, which was participated in by Local Government Units and National Government Units, was aimed to provide a venue for the discussion of the current state of air quality in Metro Manila and how electrical vehicles (EVs) can be an effective and reliable component of the goal of reducing emissions from different modes of transportation.

During the event, Regional Director Vizminda A. Osorio put emphasis that the transport group greatly contributes to air pollution, and there is a need to lessen emissions from this sector to help improve the quality of air in Metro Manila. Director Osorio also mentioned that it is a right everyone to breathe clean air, and this is why all sectors must put effort to improve the air quality in the region.

After the meeting, the participants were given the opportunity to experience how EVs work. The vehicles were used for actual test-driving along East Avenue.