“The serious effort of laymanizing or simplifying technical data on Air Quality Management should be given highest degree of concern in communicating with the public to get  a desired result, that is to change their behavioral perspective on the environment particularly on air pollution.” This was the gist of the half day day training workshop on “Effective Communication of Air Quality Management for Media,” held at the Air Quality Trainig Center on January 10, 2017.

The In-Charge, Office of the Director and Concurrent Assistant Director of DENR-EMB Central Jacqueline Caancan who gave the welcome remarks gave emphasis that “Media is not all publicity.” It is more important to convey a clear message to the target market on the significance of having a clean and healthy environment for a better quality of life, rather than thinking of the marketability of the issue Caancan said.

Ms. Robyn Garner, an Australian, the Communications Marketing Manager of Clean Air Asia and one of the speakers mentioned the role of journalists as instrument of change.”You have the ability to influence people’s thinking and to draw people’s attention to the problems and solutions on pressing issues on air quality,” she said. “You must know who you are targeting and never assume your viewers’ or readers’ knowledge to be able to convey exactly what and how your nessage should be crafted” she further expounded.

To be able to write effectively on the data collected regarding Air Quality Ms. Mitch Sibunga of the Air Quality Management Section EMB Central discussed briefly the overview of RA 8749 or Clean Air Act.

According to Ms. Sibunga, as a writer there is a need to check the trends on samples/data collected and compare the results if current data meet standards as compared with the  past.

As extracted from Ms. Sibunga’s discussion it is a must as a writer to observe the long  term trends, evaluate pollution control strategies and asess environmental and health risks to be able to convey vital information to policy-making body.

To end the short workshop, participants were required to critique a news article on Air Quality in China, New Delhi and Manila.

Also present in the training workshop were Ms. Jean Rosette, the Chief, Air Quality Management Section and Ms. Elen Basug, the Chief, Environmental Education and Information Division EMB Central.