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In preparation for the coming May 2016 national elections, the EMB-NCR supports the call for aspiring leaders to implement “Basura-Free Elections” to continuously challenge our community leaders to be the example of implementing effective solid waste management through resource recovery and practice of 3 Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) of all their election paraphernalias used during the campaign and election period.

The implementation of the said program was the main topic during the February 26, 2016 airing of Tinig ng Kalikasan. National Solid Waste Management Commissioner representing the NGO sector, Romeo Hidalgo graced the event to explain the importance of “Basura-Free Elections” in reducing the volume of wastes that are being generated every campaign period. How an aspring leader pushes for the proper implementation of the said program, he said, is one way of determining who are truly concerned in the welfare of the environment and communities.