This battle cry could come into realization only through a strong political will. For more than ten years now the government is not without any effort to improve the water quality of Manila Bay. The battle for Manial Bay is an in depth continuation of Supreme Court Mandamus issued to seven government agencies where the Department of Environment and Natural Resources takes  the lead.

On 27 January 2019, a vast number of crowd , approximately 5,000 convened at Quirino Grand stand, Luneta for the launching of the “Battle for Manila Bay” a program under the Duterte Administration to bring back to life the once tourist destination Manila Bay.

After a successful rehabilitation of Boracay headed by DENR Ssecretary Roy A. Cimatau, his leadership is once again challenged with the Battle for Manila Bay, a battle not against outside military forces but a war against Filipino citizenry themselves. With the present water quality of Manila Bay, a complete turn around on the behavior of people living along the area and along the tributaries of the water systems that drain to Manila Bay is a must. Establishments along the bay specially those whose effluent do not conform with DENR Administrative Order (DAO) 2016-08, otherwise known as “Water Quality Standards and General Effluent Standards” need to reconsider constructing Sewage Treatment Plant should they not want to be served with Cease and Desist Order.