MANILA, Philippines – Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region continuously conducts water quality sampling and monitoring of Manila Bay in all its identified outfalls including tributaries leading to the bay in the midst of the General Community Quarantine period in Metro Manila.

EMB-NCR personnel from the Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division (EMED) conducted water sampling last July 1, 2020 in 9 stations namely, Station 1 near US Embassy along Roxas Blvd., Station 2 at Padre Faura Drainage Outfall facing Sunny Bay Suites Building, Station 3 in front of Diamond Hotel (Quintos St.), Station 4 newly found drainage across Hop-In near Malate Bayview Mansion, Station 5 across Charpel Shell Export & Museum, Manila Finest Grill, Station 6 Raja Soliman/Remedios Outfall across Aristocrat Restaurant, Station 7 Grand Blvd. Hotel near Department of Finance, Station 8 in front of Admiral Hotel along Roxas Blvd across Aldecoa St., Station Station 9 across Quirino Avenue stoplight along Roxas Blvd. before Manila Yacht Club. They also performed water sampling from Baseco, Manila Bay Bathing Beaches, Las Piñas-Parañaque River System, San Juan River System, and Tullahan-Tinajeros River System last month (June).

Among the parameters to be tested in Manila Bay and its connected outfalls is fecal coliform as the DENR were looking to reduce the coliform levels as part of the Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.


From left to right: Baseco Beach Front; Manila Bay Bathing Area Baywalk,  Las Piñas-Parañaque River System, Tullahan-Tinajeros River System, San Juan River System, and MOA/CBP outfalls

From left to right: Station5: across Carpel Shell Export; Station 2: Padre Faura Drainage outfall; Station 3: in front of Diamond Hotel; Station 1: in front of US Embassy; MOA outfall; Station 4: newly found drainage; Station 9: Across Quirino Ave. stoplight; and Station 6: Raja Soliman outfall