It was a fine sunny Wednesday. I jumped out of bed with the sound of my gadget, warning me of an important appointment that day.

It was 6:00 o’clock in the morning. I took myself some solid foods from the fridge and sipped my morning tea. Going to the office with the heavy traffic everyday has been a sickening thought for me but this time, the bright rays of the sun ascending southward has a different spark. It was not gloomy as it seemed months ago. It seems like a moonlight gently leading me to a romantic rendezvous. I smiled to myself thinking how I would be enjoying my time with the teens in La Salle Greenhills.

It has been three years back since I had a chance to lecture with young minds in Adamson University on some related issues about the environment.

La Salle Greenhills, here I come was the reverberating scream of my heart. I was stunned with the thought of being able to impart knowledge with our youth from the rich and famous families in metropolitan.

At the campus, I was made to wait for about three hours inside the Office of the Assistant Principal. Some other speakers went ahead to deliver their presentations. I made myself comfortable reading “Xanadu” the official publication of the school. I was amazed with the talents of the students in their literary and poetry works. High School life! I was once like them burning candles to compose one literary piece for our school organ. It was nostalgic, then came two hunks the looks of Coco Martin and Daniel Padilla. The time machine of my life going back three decades back temporarily halted. The two good-looking guys invited me outside and lead me to the podium for the lecture. Walking between the two seemed like I was escorted to my “silya elektika.” Sweat started oozing profusely on my palms. All the excitement I had since the early morning was all gone.

Then came my part to speak. At first no words came out so I just smiled. Finally the environmentalist’s greeting came to my mind. “Isang Maka-kalikasang Hapon po sa Kanilang Lahat” I greeted. At first the silence was earsplitting. Perhaps they were not comfortable with my greeting or they did not like the creature right before their eyes.

I had no weapon but my smile. Candid as I am I introduced myself and gave the title of my topic. I was rescued from their indifference with the Information Education and Communication (IEC) material I brought. The paper-made fan which I promised to give as a reward for those who can actively participate. Finally their boyish attitudes revealed. Everyone wanted to get a fan. Every opinion, every answer and practically all their share in the discussion whether positive or negative deserved a prize- the paper-made fan.

Talking as fast I could was the greatest challenge because I was given only 20 minutes to discuss “Environmental Issues, Causes and Effects.” Shortly included in the lecture were three of the environmental laws implemented by our Office such RA 9275 or the Clean air Act, RA 8749 or Clean Air Act and RA 9003 of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act., to show that the government is up to doing measures to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change, water pollution and air pollution.

Indeed education is a cycle and a continuous process. The experience was fun except for the travel back to the office. It was tedious without a service vehicle.