METRO MANILA, Philippines – EMB National Capital Region through its Ambient Air Unit conducted inspection monitoring of Private Emission Testing Centers (PETCs) and site inspection of Continuous Air Monitoring Stations (CAMS) at Makati, Pateros, Pasig, and Manila CAMS last February 17 and 26, 2021.

Technical personnel, Senior Environmental Management Specialist Jovel L. Rogando checked the compliance, requirements, and procedures in performing motor vehicle emission test on the ffollowing Private Emission Testing Center: Green Peace Emission Testing Center, BSC Emission Testing Center, JOY Emission Testing Center, Wealth Emission Testing Center, Sunlight Emission Testing Center, and Sunrise Emission Testing Center.

Technical personnel of Tadchem Marketing conducted site inspection of some CAM stations to be replaced by new shelter housing. Said stations are located at Makati City, Municipality of Pateros, Pasig City, and City of Manila.