EMB National Capital Region conducted a webinar entitled “#EMBNCR_BuildingBackBetter2021: Water” last Friday, March 26, 2021 in celebration of World Women’s Month, World Water Day, and Philippine Water Week with the theme: “Valuing Water”.

Regional Director Atty. Domingo M. Clemente, Jr. delivered his message and talked about raising the awareness on water crisis and the importance of water in our daily lives especially now that we are facing a global crisis brought by the Covid-19 virus. Atty. Clemente emphasized good water management that supports the Sustainable Development Goal No. 6 “Water and Sanitation for all by 2030”.

Resource Speaker, Engr. Jean C. Borromeo, OIC Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division, EMBNCR, discussed the updates on RA 9275 or the “Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004.” with focus on Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program, water quality monitoring and women in the environment. Engr. Borromeo also presented the real-time water quality monitoring equipment, which were installed in different monitoring sites in Manila Bay, she also gave emphasis that due to the effort of the government and private sectors Manila Bay is much cleaner nowadays.

Engr. Voltaire Acosta, Project Manager of Healthy oceans and Clean Cities Initiative, UN Habitat, lectured the Marine Litter 101: Preventing leakages of Land-based Solid Wastes into the Marine Environment. Engr. Acosta discussed the importance of handling solid waste properly so it will not end up into our waterbodies and he highlighted the importance of behavioral change towards proper solid waste management.