Quezon City, Philippines – The EMB National Capital Region celebrates 2019 Violence Against Women Campaign with its theme dubbed as “VAW-free community, starts with me”.

The 18-day Campaign to End Violence Against Women (VAW) is an international activity conducted yearly by countries supporting its goal of protecting the human rights of every woman and girls around the world. In the Philippines, the campaign starts on the 25th day of November to the 12th day of December. The theme color of the campaign is ORANGE, not just because it is a bright color, but it symbolizes hope and optimistic future that is free from violence. The campaign aims to promote awareness regarding VAW, provide information on laws that is related to VAW and gather public support to the campaign.

EMB-NCR Staff poses for VAW celebration wearing the orange shirt that symbolizes hope and optimistic future

Ms. Carla Antonio, GAD Coordinator                                       Prayer for the 18-Day Campaign to End
explaining the importance of the VAWcampaign                Violence Against Women