“Responsible stewardship of our flora and fauna is the key to embracing biodiversity as an essential part of living so that communities and species can thrive in unity,” an excerpt of the welcome message of Engr. Wilfredo Rafanan during the Forum on Metro Manila Environment on May 3, 2019. The event was in celebration of Earth Day 2019 which was earlier scheduled on 24 April 2019 at the conference room of EMB-NCR.

The 2019 Earth Day theme, “Protect our Species” was given justification thru the discussion of the EMB Mandates empasizing that above all flora and fauna, the human resources are the ultimate reason for the need of protecting our species.

Participants of the forum were the SK Federation Presidents, City Environment and Natural Resources Officers or Solid Waste Management Officer of each city in NCR and winning schools of the 2017 Search for Sustainable and Eco-friendly School.

Muntinlupa National High School the 2nd Place Winner National Level represented by Ms. Ragaele Olarte presented the good practices of the school in terms of environmental programs, waste management and urban gardening as a solution to poverty and in support to the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2018-2040 ASEAN Environmental Education Action Plan. Included in the presentation was the diffrent Research and Development studies of the school which made them an international winner of the following awards: Grand Awardee of Zayed  SustainabilityPrize 2019; 1st Place Southeast Asia Creative Camp-Urban Agriculture Category and Top 4 Zayed Future Energy Prize which made the school richer by more than Php 5Million.

Mr. Eduardo Concepcion, Jr. tried to revert the opinion of the participants on plastics from being the culprit of flooding in Metro Manila into a more useful resource.

Ms. Salvacion A. Solis, Head of Environmental Education and Information Unit discussed RA 9003 or Ecological Solid Waste Management in relation to the role of the youth leaders (SK Federation Presidents) together with the solid Waste Management Management Officers of the LGUs. Ms. Anieflor S. Ullero of the same Unit discussed the EMB Mandates and expounded on Clean Air and Water Act only due to limited time.