Free Smoke Emission Testing of vehicles is among the major activities of the month long celebration of Clean Air, Environmental Awareness and Climate Change Consciousness, all anchored on the milestone celebration of RA 9512 or Environmental |Education Awareness Act of 2008.

The 10th year anniversary implementation of the law (RA9512) offers an opportunity to reflect on the programs and efforts of the agency to make a cleaner and safer environment. Included in the efforts is the initiative of  NCR Airshed Governing Board to provide free smoke emission test to diesel engine motor vehicles at the National Ecology Compound from November 19-30, 2018.


After the 2 days run of the emission test, twenty nine(29) vehicles were tested. Of the 29 vehicles : 2 were private trucks; 24 UVs of which five (5) are vehicles of LLDA, 1 from EMB-NCR; 1 from DENR-NCR and  1 private pick up truck.  The standard opacity reading for naturally aspirated compression ignition diesel engine vehicles is  2.5m-1 ,k (light absorption coefficient) while vehicles with supercharged/turbo charged engines allowable reading would be  3.5m-1 k. Of all the vehicles tested the highest opacity reading reached up to 7.11m-1 and .1m-1 being the lowest.


RD Clemente, Jr. second from right                      Sample opacity reading


Among the vehicles tested was the service vehicle of Atty. Domingo Clemente, Jr., EMB-NCR Regional Director with the cleanest emission of .1m-1