Basura PatrolBasura Patrol1

With the goal of ensuring that the EMB-NCR strictly implements Republic Act 9003, otherwise known as Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000, personnel to act as environmental patrol were recently hired to monitor compliance of all seventeen (17) Local Government Units in Metro Manila. Said personnel, dubbed as “Basura Patrolers”, will be assigned to each of the LGUs, and will be tasked to take  real-time geotagged photos of illegal dumping of solid wastes and improper solid waste management practices such as littering, open burning of wastes, among others.

Before the actual assignment of the Basura Patrolers in their respective areas, the EMB-NCR conducted a consultative meeting with LGUs to gather inputs on how to ease the system of reporting to ensure that corrective measures will quickly and surely be employed to resolve the issues met on-site.

The meeting aimed to assure the LGUs that the program will create an even greater commitment to resolve the pressing issue on solid wastes.