Over the years, countries all over the world have continously aimed to strengthen awareness on the threats that lead poses. Despite various local and international efforts to inform the general public, lead poisoning is still a global concern as fatalities and accidents related to it are highly observed.

In this year’s celebration of Lead Poisoning Prevention Month, the EMB-NCR, through its Environmental Education and Information Unit conducted an awareness seminar among selected cities in Metro Manila on Lead Poisoning to specifically discuss the roles of men and women in ensuring the safety of their families from the threats of lead when improperly disposed and handled. Local Government Units of Malabon City, Caloocan, and personnel of the EMB-NCR were present duirng the said learning event conducted last October 7 at the EMB-NCR Office.

Engr. Jean Borromeo of EMB-NCR discussed the basic information on what commonly seen and used materials carry lead as part of their content. Engr. Borromeo also discussed the Chemical Control Order which is being implemented by the DENR to inform the LGU representatives on what chemicals are controlled and regulated.

To make the seminar an interactive one, participants were asked to produce an Information, Education and  Communication campaign on Lead Poisoning, which they were asked to share among other participants. The sharings were all valuable for the EMB-NCR to create similar programs that will raise the consciousness of community members on what threats chemicals may bring to them and their families.