As part of the implementation of the Sustainable Integrated Area Development (SIAD) Program, the EMB-NCR, in collaboration with the DENR-NCR, conducted a training on how bokashi balls are made. Said event which was held last May 6 was graced by the presence of the representatives of the Quezon City Environmental Protection and Waste Management Department (QC EPWMD) and IPM Environmental Services Inc.

Engr. Marivic Quides, Chief of the Ambient Air and Water Monitoring Section of the EMB-NCR, mentioned that the event is part of the strategies that are being done by the EMB-NCR and DENR-NCR to raise the awareness of communities on how the SIAD’s ridge-to-reef approach operates—the things that are being done upstream bring about impacts to the environment downstream. Participants were made aware that even if they are part of the operations of the Payatas Sanitary Landfill, their efforts are also part of the whole system and thus affect all the other SIAD sites.

Earth Venture Inc. was present during the event to provide a lecture on how bokashi balls can be utilized as instruments to improve the quality of our rivers. The organization also provided the training which was applied on the event itself. Employees of the EMB-NCR, DENR-NCR, QC EPWMD and IPM Environmental Services Inc. were provided with the materials needed to make bokashi balls, and were asked to work with another to make 450 balls as outputs of the activity.

The event was a very fruitful one as it left the realization that collective effort really goes a long way in the goal of protecting the environment.