In celebration of World Water Day and as a culminating activity of Women’s Month, the EMB-NCR, in collaboration with Nestle Philippines, Inc., conducted the Project W.E.T. (Project Water Education for Teachers) last March 30 at Nestle Center in Makati City. The event was graced by the presence of representatives from the Schools Division Offices in Metro Manila.

The event was aimed to raise the awareness of the region’s educators on how to properly manage our water resources. As explained by Engr. Jesus “Jess” Reyes, Vice President of the Corporate Affairs Department of Nestle Philippines, Project W.E.T. is a module-based program wherein participants will be able to review the basic concepts related to water (i.e. hydrological process, properties of water, the different bodies of water) so that it will be easier for said participants to disseminate the information to the youth. The training/workshop was conducted through games and activities in an effort to make the learning experience a more active and dynamic one.

It was emphasized during the activitiy that teachers play a vital role in shaping a more sustainable and environmentally aware nation. The more teachers we motivate to become committed environmental stewards, the more we inspire young minds to help us in building a nation that strives to do its part to improve the current state of the environment.

The DENR-EMB-NCR, as represented by Ms. Nadine Valderrama, reiterated that their efforts to sustain environmental programs go a long way in protecting the environment. It was mentioned to the participants that the schools under the Schools Division Office they are part should be encouraged to join the Search for the Most Sustainable and Ecofriendly Schools.

EMB-NCR’s partnership with Nestle Philippines Inc. is geared towards the development of more environmentally conscious school communities in the region.