On January 26-29, 2017, various sectors were present during the celebration of Zero Waste Month and the anniversary of the enactment of Republic Act 9003 into law. The event, which was celebrated at Quezon Memorial Circle, was aimed to inform the public on how the law is being implemented and how we can commit to a stricter implementation of the law.


In a short interview with Hon. Councilor Beth Delarmente, Environmental Committee Head of the Quezon City Local Government Unit, it was highlighted that the cooperation of community members in environmental protection should be strengthened. Coun. Delarmente stated that the continouous campaign of the Local Government Units should be expanded so that communities will have a better understanding of their roles.  Quezon City’s initiatives on Proper Solid Waste Management, for example, have gone a long way—the intensified segregation at source and dedicated collection of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, the implementation of the City’s Ordinance on Plastic Bag Regulation, the barangays’ Information, Education and Communication campaign have all proven that all sectors should consider themselves as stakeholders. Coun. Delarmente is also hopeful that for the coming years, more cities in the Philippines will create innovative programs that are related to Republic Act 9003.


Senator Cynthia Villar was also present during the event to highlight the importance of sustainable development which offers inclusive strategies that can make Filipino lives better through livelihood programs that are environment-friendly. Environmental protection, she said, is a responsibility shared among us.

The four-day event also came with fun-filled activities that aimed to send the message that protection the environment should be something that everyone should love doing. It was also a venue for the conduct of symposia on various topics that showcased how companies, Local Government Units, and other organizations implement their respective environmental programs.


There are limiteless ways on how we can commit ourselves in protecting the environment for future generations. The call is not only for us to follow the provisions of the law, but also for us to internalize our roles as environmental stewards.