“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world,” (Nelson Mandela). As a direct response to RA 9512 otherwise known  as Environmental Awareness and Education  Act of 2008, and in support to the National Environmental Education Action Plan 2018-2040, schools are once again encouraged to put their best foot forward in their initiatives to heal the environment, giving emphasis on climate change mitigation and adaptation and their good practices on water conservation, energy efficiency including solid waste disposal management which should be incorporated in the school curriculum.

Various schools were visited by the staff of Environmental Education and Information Unit headed by Ms. Salvacion Solis to document the best efforts of the schools.

Muntinlupa National High School showcased their researches  that aim to solve water pollution, air pollution, food scarcity, and poverty alleviation with their gulayan and chlorella production. Chlorella has anti-bacterial component. The research aims not only to provide raw materials for medicines but would also help the urban poor and indigenous people in promoting a healthful life.

Lakeview Integrated School of Muntinlupa has been recognized with their solar lamp posts. Aside from their savings in electric bill, the installation of their renewable energy/solar lamps help reduce carbon emission. Relatively, Xavier School, San Juan City constructed their own waste water treatment facility and rain water catchment. These projects have been providing the schools with huge savings on water consumption.

Rosa Susano Elementary School of Novaliches was so enthusiastic to show the development of their school in terms of environmental advancement. It is one of the schools that completely showcased what makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly school.