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Sustainable Development encourages cooperation of people from various sectors of the communities in the protection of the environment in order to achieve development in all aspects of the society. In the case of Metro Manila, a highly industrialized and urbanized region, the EMB-NCR aims to promote partnerships among members of the private sector in protecting the environment.

During the Tinig ng Kalikasan airing last October 7, Ms. Jessica Cagampang, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of AAI Logistics, Inc. was invited to talk about their company’s willingness to support the goal of the EMB-NCR to improve the current quality of the region’s water bodies. Through their commitment in the Adopt-an-Estero Program, the company has become an active partner of the EMB-NCR this year. It was mentioned that given that their company is new in implementing the program, their current focus is to engage the barangay where their adopted creek is located. This way, Ms. Cagampang adds, the community members will further realize that the environment is everyone’s accountability.