The future of our society lies on how the youth perceive their surroundings, because their understanding determines their behavior, actions, and wisdom. Being the basic unit of society, families play a vital role in shaping the minds of its members even before they go out their homes for growth, higher learning, and self-discovery. While this has always been the case expecially in the Philippine society, it is more than imperative to emphasize that whatever the youth learn outside the boundaries of homes fully affect who they will be in the future. Thus, the role of teachers in our society is equally important to the roles of parents.

As the EMB-NCR recognizes the role of teachers in educating the youth, an Environmental Education Training of Teachers was conducted last July 26 at EMB-NCR Office to specifically update the knowledge of the invited participants on environmental laws and how said laws can be translated into various activities, programs and strategies that can be implemented in schools communities. Mr. Chris Villarin of the DENR-NCR, Ms. Salvacion Aguinaldo-Solis of EMB-NCR, and Ms. Merva Arapo of EMB Central Office provided environmental lectures on the Supreme Court Mandamus on Manila Bay Clean-up, Republic Act 9003, and Republic Act 9512, respectively.


About 95 invited teachers from selected schools in the region actively participated and shared their own experiences and expressed their appreciation for activities that centers in building their capacities towards environmental education. They requested for more related activities so that they will be able to competently share their gained knowledge to their students.

The event open doors for the invited participants to express their full support and commitment to the goal of the EMB-NCR to strengthen Environmental Education in schools. Personnel of the EMB-NCR also took the opportunity to encourage the participation of their respective schools in the upcoming Regional Search for the Most Sustainable and Ecofriendly Schools in 2017.