QUEZON CITY, Philippines – EMB-National Capital Region in collaboration with DENR-NCR conducted a webinar entitled “Safety Protocols – Manila Bay Rehabilitation Project Activities Amid COVID-19 Threat” for selected personnel from both office particularly for its Field Offices last Wednesday, July 29, 2020 via Zoom Meeting.

Before the presentation, DENR-NCR Assistant Regional Director Engr. Ignacio A. Almira, Jr. gave his opening remarks and encouraged each to actively participate in the webinar.

Through her presentation, Engr. Jean C. Borromeo, OIC of Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division (EMED) explained to the participants on how they can work productive and safe amidst the COVID-19 threat by following the safety protocols and by wearing the modified PPE especially when conducting sampling and other monitoring activities. She likewise shared some insights on the proper PPEs that should be worn by solid waste collectors and emphasized the danger of being exposed to the novel corona virus and the pathways of transmission, the importance of how to properly wear and removed a face mask, how to do and remove the PPEs, practicing hand hygiene, including avoidance of touching MEN (mouth, eyes, and nose) as these are considered pathways of nCoV which likes moist and warm areas, among others.

EMB-NCR Regional Director Atty. Domingo Clemente, Jr. recognized the very significant collaboration and active partnership between EMB NCR and DENR NCR headed by RED Jacqui Caancan in ensuring the health and safety of its official, employees especially in the field offices. He said that the webinar “gives the proper training in the discharge of their work with safety first as the primary consideration for all…the safety protocols shared with you today in the conduct of activities related to the Manila Bay rehabilitation will be a great help to you. It is essential that we inform the value of undergoing this safety protocol webinar before we can hope to share this with the communities we engage with.”