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World Water Day is a global environmental event celebrated every March, and is aimed to highlight the role of each and every individual in protecting our water bodies. The EMB-NCR celebrated with the rest of the world in taking the challenge to restore the vibrance of water bodies within its jursidiction through the various programs currently in place. One of our thrust is to continuosly inform the public regarding the environmental issues Metro Manila is faced with, while creatively working towards enabling the community members to voice out their concerns and realizations  regarding the impacts of human activities to the environment.waterday3waterday

With this year’s theme, “Water and Jobs”, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources – NCR, Environmental Management Bureau – NCR, and the partner LGUs  conducted a seminar among Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council

(FARMCs) and the Metro Manila region’s fisherfolks last March 16-18 in the cities of Muntinlupa,  Las Piñas and Taguig.

The said seminar was aimed to provide a venue for the discussion of the importance of the FARMCs and the fisherfolks in protecting the water bodies from which they source their income. To ensure that everyone is motivated to participate, games and interactive activities that required the participants to speak and express their insights regarding the current state of our water bodies were prepared. The participants were also requested to imagine how their own actions affect the surroundings, especially the water bodies in the region.waterday4

The event opened doors for dialogues on how they can work together with the government to protect the water bodies from indiscriminate dumping of solid and liquid wastes. It was emphasized during the seminar that although certain environmental laws provide that continuous monitoring and inspection should be done, their help is needed to sustain all programs dedicated to the protection of Metro Manila’s water bodies.

It was interesting to find out that the region’s fisherfolks are putting in their own efforts to clean up the water bodies, and that they are very well aware of the need to sustain the programs in place. The seminar was an eye-opener both for the personnel of the DENR and the fisherfolks as we realize that there is so much more to be done as individuals and as a group for the protection of the environment. Indeed, the commitment to make a difference is needed to deliver improvements in all of our goals and undertakings.