The DENR-NCR, together with the EMB-NCR, conducted a Zero Waste Month Forum at Sta. Elena High School last January 26. Students from Sta. Elena High School and San Roque High School participated during the event.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Chris Villarin of the DENR-NCR mentioned that environmental awareness is instrumental in the success of the implementation of the country’s environmental laws. He also said that the youth’s cooperation in our endeavors goes a long way as the youth can easily influence their peers. Mr. Villarin also provided a discussion on the current state of the Metro Manila environment.

As the participating schools are located in Marikina City, the students did not have a hard time following the discussion on the results of proper solid waste management. During the interactive activity which aimed to gather reflections on indiscriminate and careless disposal of wastes, the students actively shared their insights and tried to connect the activity to their experiences as members of the school and their community.

By the end of the activity, the students posted their commitments on how they will contribute to environmental protection.