QUEZON CITY, Metro Manila – Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region, through its Gender and Development Focal Point System (GADFPS) and in partnership with Asian Social Institute (ASI), conducted a Bokashi Balls Production Training on Wednesday, April 27, at Barangay Obrero, Quezon City.

The training was conducted to celebrate the upcoming Philippine Environment Month and support the Gender and Development (GAD) program to empower income-deprived women and promote gender equality and support the ongoing Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.

The training kicks off the pilot home-based mudballs production livelihood program to twenty-five (25) selected women of Brgy. Obrero Quezon City, in exchange for a sack of rice, dubbed as “Food for Work for Community Women.” The program will initially run from June to November 2022 and was planned to be replicated in other active barangays under the Water Quality Management Areas (WQMA) in Metro Manila.

The Bokashi/ Mabuhay balls made by the participants will be used in future bioremediation activities on different waterbodies under the Water Quality Management Area in  Metro Manila. This will lessen, if not eliminate E. Coli and the odor of the river system, including its tributaries that are draining to Manila Bay.

Prior to the activity, EMB-NCR also conducted Bokashi Balls Training to twenty-five selected women of Barangay Central, Quezon City, and used it in the six months continuous bioremediation activities in Lingunan Creek, Mariblo Creek, Diliman Creek, Anaran Creek, and Maytunas Creek in 2021.

Participants of Bokashi Balls Production Training holding one of their finished Bokashi balls
Upper left: Brgy. Obrero Women and Family Committee Kgd. Milagros A. Luna.
Lower right: EMB-NCR GAD Coordinator Ms. Aiza Sarian.
Upper right and lower left: Women of Brgy. Obrero attending the seminar.
Upper left: ASI staff assisting the participants in making their bokashi balls.
Upper right: Kgd. Milagros Luna, AWU EMS II Catherine Cayabyab, and SWMS ENMO Jose Niño Beltran discussing about the training.
Lower left: EEIU OIC Paul John Tigno assisting the participants in making their bokashi balls.
Lower right: participants weighing their bokashi balls.
Upper left: Asian Social Institute Mr. Joemedes Arienda conducting lecture on proper bokashi production.
Upper right: a participant weighing her bokashi ball. Lower left: Participants making their bokashi balls.
Lower right: SWMS ENMO Jose Niño Beltran, Kgd. Milagros Luna, EEIU OIC Paul John Tigno,
and AWU EMS II Catherine Cayabyab discussing about the training.
Upper left: Ms. Catherine Cayabyab assisting the participants in making their bokashi.