METRO MANILA, Philippines – Environmental Management Bureau National Capital Region, through its Gender and Development Focal Point System (GADFPS), conducted a Bokashi Balls First Throwing for June 2022 at Seven identified areas that are part of the Water Quality Management Areas namely: Diliman Creek, Tanque Creek, Buhangin Creek, Estero Abad, Dolomite Beach A&6, Quirino Avenue (Bay Walk), and Manila Yacht Club Manila on Wednesday, June 15, 2022.

The event is joined by the selected employees of EMB-NCR. The female volunteers from Brgy. Obrero also participated in throwing at Diliman Creek. A total of Two thousand four hundred fifty (2,450) Bokashi Mud Balls were thrown in the said identified creeks.

The said activity will lessen, if not, eliminate E. Coli and the odor of the river system including its tributaries that are draining to Manila Bay. It is also in support of the Gender and Development (GAD) program on empowering income-deprived women, promoting gender equality, and in continuous support of the ongoing Manila Bay Rehabilitation Program.

Bokashi Throwing at Dolomite Beach A&6, Quirino Avenue (Bay Walk) with estero rangers and selected EMED personnel of EMB-NCR.









Bokashi Throwing at Buhangin Creek and Estero de Abad, Manila with selected ENMO’s personnel of EMB-NCR









Bokashi Throwing at Diliman Creek with 25 women volunteers from Brgy. Obrero and selected personnel of EMB-NCR.