Quezon City, Philippines – Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region through Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division (EMED) – Ambient Water Unit (AWU) conducted a seminar on Programs for LGUs Covered by Metropolitan Environmental Office Under the Water Quality Management Areas Re-Devolution Process on Mandamus Ruling”, on April 22, 2022, at Seda Vertis North, Quezon City.

Engr. Jean Borromeo, Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division Chief, led the program by giving her opening remarks. 17 Local Government Units in NCR and officials from Metropolitan Environmental Offices are the event attendees.

DOH representatives, Engr. Genalyn B. Espiritu and Engr. Kenneth C. Lucena discussed the DOH Program Updates on Health Care Waste Management in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each MEO presented their plans, programs, and updates under their LGU jurisdiction – North Field Office Deputy CEO Olga Arzadon, East MEO OIC Deputy Chief Environmental Officer Florencio G. Diwa, Jr., Ms. Amor Moratilla Gentolea from West MEO, and South MEO Deputy Chief Environment Officer, Ms. Yasmin Caparas.

Engr. Borromeo delivered the closing remarks on behalf of EMB-NCR Regional Director Atty. Michael Drake P. Matias.

The program aims to engage all concerned stakeholders for the welfare of Filipino men and women of the Manila Bay Region and under the continuous rehabilitation program for Manila Bay.

Upper left: Engr. Borromeo giving her opening message to the participants
Lower right: Engr. Kenneth C. Lucena DOH representatives, presenting the DOH Programs Updates
Lower left: Mr. Arzadon exhibiting the North Field Office Programs and Updates
Upper right: Ms. Amor Moratilla Gentolea presenting from West MEO
Upper left: Mr.Diwa, Jr. East MEO OIC Deputy Chief Environmental Officer, sharing their presentation
Lower right: Engr. Espiritu DOH representatives, elaborating the DOH Programs Updates
Lower left: Ms. Caparas of South MEO Deputy Chief Environment Officer discussing their plans and program.
Upper right and left: DOH representatives, Engr. Espiritu and Engr. Lucena accepting their certificate of recognition.
Lower photo: photo opportunity during the program