PASIG CITY, Metro Manila – Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region through Environmental Monitoring and Enforcement Division – Ambient Air Unit conducted a site inspection of its Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring Station (CAAMS) on Thursday, May 17, 2022, at Tadchem Marketing, Country Lodge Compound, Pasig City.

Regional Director Atty. Michael Drake P. Matias led the said inspection with EMED OIC Chief Engr. Jean C. Borromeo, Senior Environmental Management Specialist, Mr. Jovel L. Rogando, Tadchem Marketing technical personnel, and President/ General Manager Mr. Thaddeus Abalos.

Continuous or Real-Time Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations measure meteorological conditions that influence the behavior of air pollutants like wind speed and direction, temperature, rainfall, radiation, and humidity. Pollutant concentrations, e.g., PM10 and PM2.5, measured by the equipment/analyzer, are stored in a data logger in the station and are transmitted to the data acquisition system located at Environmental Management Bureau – National Capital Region in Quezon City.

The office operates 15 real-time and 12 manual air quality monitoring stations in Metro Manila as of 2021.

Upper and lower right: RD Atty. Matias and Tedchem President/Gen. Mngr. Mr. Abalos discussing on the status of CAAMS.
Lower left: Engr. Borromeo, Mr. Abalos, Atty. Matias, and Mr. Rogando inspecting the status of CAAMS.
Upper left: Mr. Rogando checking the status of CAAMS. Upper right: Atty. Matias and Country Lodge Managing Head.
Lower left: Mr. Abalos, Engr. Borromeo, and Atty. Matias. Lower right: Engr. Borromeo, Atty. Matias, Tadchem Marketing technical personnel, Mr.Rogando, and Mr. Abalos conducting inspection of the CAAMS.