The Environmental Management Bureau National Capital Region receives high satisfaction ratings on various indicators through the Client Satisfaction Survey under the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS) from January to August 2022.

The analysis is a part of the Office’s Quality Management System (QMS) and Environmental Management System, which will help identify the Office’s strengths and opportunities for improvement in terms of online client service. The survey is also part of the Office’s compliance with the Anti-Red Tape Act or RA 11032 to streamline government processes and improve the agency’s frontline services to the public and prevent corrupt practices to happen.

The findings from the client satisfaction survey show that 257 respondents from various industries were generally very satisfied with the overall service they were getting from EMB-NCR’s Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS).

Per indicator, the office received the following ratings:

Responsiveness – 87% of the respondents were pleased that the Office exhibits the willingness to help, assist, and provide prompt service to citizens/clients.

Reliability – 89% of the respondents believed that the stalwart operation of the office provides the needs of the client, following the office policy and standards, with zero to a minimal error rate.

Access & Facilities – 88% of the clients responded positively in terms of the convenience of the office location, ample amenities for comfortable transactions, the use of clear signages and modes of technology including the Online Platforms.

Communication – 88% of the respondent were glad that the Office kept the clients informed in a language they can easily understand and listens to their feedback.

Costs – 89% responded that they delighted with the timeliness of the billing, billing process/es, preferred payment methods, reasonable payment period, value for money, and the acceptable range of cost for permits and licenses.

Integrity – 91% of the respondents believed that the office portrays uprightness or the assurance that there is honesty, justice, fairness, and trust in each service while dealing with the citizens/clients.

Assurance – 88% were glad that frontline staff are capable to perform their duties, share their service knowledge, understanding of citizen/client needs, helpfulness, and good work relationships.

Outcome – 89% were grateful in achieving results and realizing the intended benefits of government services especially the Online Permitting and Monitoring System (OPMS).


During the survey, respondents were able to lodge their concerns, suggestions, and recommendations to improve the OPMS, including issues on accessibility through landline calls, availability of staff to respond to every inquiry, request to have online payment transactions, and conduct free training and seminars for Pollution Control Officers (PCOs).


With these positive ratings, EMB-NCR will continue to improve its system and provide its clients with the highest quality of service that the public deserves.


EMB-NCR clients using the Kiosk and OPMS